We continuously improve our business, using our strengths and flexibility in all our local companies while also taking advantage of global growth synergies.

For this reason, we maintain a decentralized organization with local responsibility and strong local management that can make decisions close to the customers. The sister companies work closely together to provide synergies for growth.

Group-functions-ENG 2023

Segment UK/North America

Segment UK/North America comprises Bufab’s operations in the UK, Ireland, the US, and Mexico, including the new acquisition of Component Solutions Group.

Segment West

Segment West comprises Bufab’s operations in France, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Austria, including the new acquisition of Jenny Waltle.

Segment North

Segment North comprises Bufab’s operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, and one of the purchasing offices in China, which is affiliated with a Swedish subsidiary. The business mainly comprises trading companies, but also manufacturing of particularly demanding components.

Segment East

Segment East comprises Bufab’s operations in Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Baltic States, Slovakia, Turkey, China, India, Singapore, and other countries in Southeast Asia.