We continuously improve our business, using our strengths and flexibility in all our local companies while also taking advantage of global growth synergies.

For this reason, we maintain a decentralized organization with local responsibility and strong local management that can make decisions close to the customers. The sister companies work closely together to provide synergies for growth.

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Region Americas

The region comprises Bufab's operations in the US and Mexico and includes the Component Solutions Group, which was acquired in 2021.

Region UK & Ireland

The region comprises Bufab's operations in the UK & Ireland and includes the acquisition of TIMCO 2022.

Region North & East

The region comprises Bufab's Nordic operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as Eastern operations covering Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. The business mainly consists of trading companies supplemented with purchasing offices in China and Nordic manufacturing of particularly demanding components. Recently acquired companies strengthening Bufab's Nordic trading are Tilka in 2021 and Pajo-Bolte in 2022, and the niche company CDA widening our business scope with bathroom and interior fittings in 2022.

Region West

The region comprises Bufab's operations in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and Turkey. In 2021,
the group acquired the niche company Jenny|Waltle, strengthening our aluminium product knowledge.

Region Asia-Pacific

The region comprises Bufab's operations in the China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.
Kian Soon and Puresys are significant brands.