Bufab Group companies

Since 1978, Bufab has acquired more than 50 companies and we see further acquisitions as an essential way of growing while also strengthening our offering and skills. By increasing our global presence, we can serve customers better and in more markets.

North - 2000


BUMAX is a Swedish premium brand manufacturing stainless steel fasteners through cold- and hot forming and machining.

Our fasteners are unique and designed for extreme environments meeting the requirements of high demanding customers and applications. When it comes to strength, fatigue- and corrosion resistance, magnetic permeability, and heat resistance – there is no one better.

West - 2015

Bufab FLOS

Bufab FLOS is a leading supplier of fasteners and technical components. Whether you think about leading brand components or fasteners, made of steel or stainless steel, standardized parts, or customized according to customer specifications, Bufab FLOS is the partner that offers you added value in the form of convenient and cost-saving total solutions.

North America - 2015

Apex Stainless Fasteners

Apex Stainless Fasteners is one of Europe’s leading specialist suppliers of stainless steel fasteners worldwide, famous for its extensive and comprehensive range.

The Bufab Group acquired Apex Stainless Fasteners in November 2015.

North - 2016


Magnetfabriken was founded in 1992 and has since developed into one of the leading suppliers of magnets and magnet solutions in the Nordic region.

Magnetfabriken was acquired by Bufab on March 3, 2016.

Asia Pacific - 2017

Kian Soon Mechanical Components

Kian Soon Mechanical Components provides an extensive range of components to connect products effectively, securely, and efficiently, no matter the nature of products. These products can be, for example, PCBA assemblies, box build automotive vehicles, windmills, DNA sequencers, or even high-purity pharmaceutical drugs.

The company is headquartered in Singapore with regional offices located at Penang (Malaysia), Batam (Indonesia), Manila (Philippines), and Bangkok (Thailand).

Bufab acquired Kian Soon Mechanical Components on December 1, 2017.

Asia Pacific - 2017


By establishing sustained relationships with employees, customers, and partners, PureSys is able to enhance its specialist capabilities in ultra-pure fluid transfer systems, enabling its customers to produce better, purer products.

North - 2018


Hallborn specializes in cutting machining, but also supplies other types of parts, depending on needs and demands. With long experience and well-established contacts, we create a complete solution for our customers whether your parts are simple or complex. We combine our production in southern Sweden with close collaborations with suppliers in Europe and Asia.

North - 2018


Rudhäll is a global manufacturer of components and systems for demanding industrial customers. The business is organized in specialized units that offer cost-effective solutions for our customers. With a worldwide presence, Rudhäll provides unique benefits to customers around the world.

Rudhäll comprises two companies: Rudhäll Industri and Rudhäll China.

North America - 2019

American Bolt & Screw

American Bolt & Screw is a premier source for commercial grade fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws, and hardware. With our seven full-service facilities in the USA and Mexico, we are uniquely poised to serve our customer's fastener and hardware needs for manufacturing and assembly. Quality products, quality service, and quality people are what we're all about.

North - 2019

Bufab Lann

Bufab Lann is the leading producer of turned parts in Sweden, supplying demanding customers all over the world in several different industrial segments. Machining in state-of-the-art equipment with special turning skills in CNC Single Spindle, CNC Multi Spindle, and Rotary Transfer Machines.

This unique range of equipment provides the total spectra of quantities from small batch sizes to extensive series of parts with different complexity.

North - 2019

HT Bendix

HT Bendix sells a broad variety of fittings to the furniture and kitchen industry. Our range of products comprises more than 10,000 different articles such as handles, hinges, screws, wheels, drawer extensions, table legs and wire articles.

North America - 2021

A1 Fastener & Components

A1 Fastener & Components is the go-to partner regarding fasteners and components for the automotive industry in need of world-class service and quality. A1 provides competitively priced, flexible, responsive solutions that reduce costs, improve business processes, and secure on-time deliveries. It’s this flexibility that creates success for our clients.

North America - 2021

Blue Grass Manufacturing

Blue Grass Manufacturing is proud to be a U.S. manufacturer and has the perk of global sourcing to get customers the best options on their projects. We support our customers in all phases of the manufacturing process, from design for manufacturing and cost reduction to sourcing and purchasing.

North America - 2021

Component Solutions Group

Component Solutions Group is an entrepreneurial firm that specializes in manufacturing, supplying, and distributing engineered products designed for original equipment manufacturers. Core capabilities include engineering, precision machining, fastening systems, fastener tooling and monitoring for rivnuts and rivets, light assembly, welding, sorting and containment, and other related products and services provided by our various operations.

Jenney waltle Part of Bufab Group
West - 2021

Jenny Waltle

Jenny Waltle develops and produces high-quality aluminum, metal, and plastic parts with a strong focus on lean manufacturing. Large storage areas, many years of know-how, and a unique service orientation guarantee our customers security of supply as well as the rapid and reliable solution to individual problems.

North America - 2021

Perlane Sales

Perlane Sales is more than a distributor – we are your engineered partner. We specialize in helping you choose the right design for your specific fastening application. Our fastening solutions include the original rivnut and plusnut, rivets, latches, plastic closures, and the respective tooling and monitoring systems as necessary.

North - 2021

Tilka Trading

Tilka Trading supplies fasteners, special parts, plate springs, and logistics solutions to the engineering industry with the purpose to lower the customer's total costs.

North - 2022


Pajo-Bolte is a flexible and stable partner that specializes in the sales and distribution of fasteners for the construction, assembly, and manufacturing industries. We have set out to make Denmark's most uncomplicated web shop for fasteners with access to 25,000 articles.

North - 2022


TIMCO is a supplier of essential products that trade professionals rely on every day. Our range includes over 7,000 quality products across all essential categories. In addition, our award-winning customer service is always on hand. Expert advice, unbeatable stock holding, overnight deliveries, professional marketing, and merchandising services – we call it the TIMCO hug.

East - 2022

CDA Bufab

CDA is a manufacturer and distributor of fittings for toughened glass as well as products and system solutions for glass in the building industry. We have been operating in the Polish and European market for about twenty years, supplying products widely used in public buildings such as office buildings and shopping malls, but also to private residential buildings. 

We are constantly developing our technological resources and technical department, which designs, tests, and implements new solutions dedicated to glass.