Being part of Bufab

Over the past 40 years, Bufab has made over 50 acquisitions. The vast majority have performed very well since they became part of Bufab. And this is by design.

We value entrepreneurship

We value entrepreneurship and know that the best decisions are made by people who know their business and their customers.

Accordingly, we coach and support you as an entrepreneur in developing your company based on pull strategy and providing you with access to Bufab’s network and resources.

You decide what benefits to gain

We apply a “Pull Integration” strategy, which in short means that we allow the acquired company, at its own pace, to decide which benefits to gain from Bufab. We never talk about cost synergies, only growth synergies, and in the absolute majority of cases the new Bufab company grows faster after joining the group.

Using this strategy instead of pushing through a rigid integration plan, we build a common future. The acquired companies’ responsibilities, competence, and entrepreneurship are invariably front and center, and Bufab Best Practice is always accessible.

Three overall goals

Bufab's overall goals are summarized in the three demands we place on all Bufab Group companies.



10% sales growth, through organic development and acquisitions.



12% EBITA sustainable profit margin.


Sustainable development

Invest, improve and move towards an even more sustainable C-parts supply chain.