Acquisition process

A tested and proven approach

When you decide to sell your company to Bufab, the sales process usually takes three months to complete. The process includes thorough get-to-know sessions and is tailored to maximize the outcome for both parties.


Through the years, Bufab has acquired more than 50 companies. These experiences have resulted in an efficient and successful process.


Getting to know each other is crucial for future success. The process therefore includes a huge portion of interviews where we have time to get well acquainted before reaching a deal.


The process minimizes the risk of false expectations and misinterpretations. In addition, favorable conditions are created to ensure a positive outcome for all involved.

Step 1

The first meeting

A discussion where we listen to get to know and understand your company and your unique situation. Either Bufab has taken the initiative to meet, or you have contacted us.

Step 2

Principle agreement

If mutual interest arises, this is followed by deeper conversations about the company and about Bufab. After that, we proceed with the first discussion about key terms of an investment.

Step 3

In-depth review

Bufab does a deeper review of the company including the business, customers, people, and finance. Part of the analysis is made in-house by Bufab rather than by external consultants.

Step 4

Documentation and agreement

What we have agreed on is documented and further detailed in a written agreement, which also contains terms and conditions.

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