Nomination Committee

The members of the Nomination Committee are to be appointed from the company´s four largest shareholders, in terms of votes, who, when asked, expressed their desire to participate in the Nomination Committee's work. The Nomination Committee shall also include the Chairman of the Board of Bufab.


The Nomination Committee in Bufab AB (publ) consists of the following members:

  • Fredrik Liljedahl, Chairman of the Nomination Committee (Liljedahl Group)
  • Per Trygg (Lannebo Funds)
  • Pär Andersson (Spiltan Funds)
  • Oscar Bergman (Swedbank Robur Funds)
  • Bengt Liljedahl – (Chairman of the Board of Directors, co-opted)


The Nomination Committee will prepare recommendations for the AGM regarding the appointment of:

  • The Meetings Chairman
  • Board members 
  • The Chairman of the Board
  • Remuneration of the Board
  • Auditor
  • Auditor fees
  • Any changes to the Nomination Committee´s instructions

Contact details

Shareholders wishing to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee should send an e-mail to no later than January 31, 2024, or to the following address:

Bufab AB Box 2266
SE-331 02 Värnamo