General Meetings

The 2024 Annual General Meeting was held on April 25.


Financial information

Financial reports & presentations

This section contains Bufab’s Annual and Interim Reports, as well as Presentations and Audio recordings.

Financial targets

Bufab has several financial targets, aiming to achieve sustainable leadership.

Financial calendar

Here you find the dates for the release of Bufabs’s financial reports, and other relevant investor-related events and publications.

The share

Share price

See how our share is performing.


Facts about our ownership structure.


Please find out more about our current and historical dividends.


Contact details to analysts who are covering Bufab.

Corporate governance

General meetings - Nominating Committee

Deliverables on the basis of the actual cost of direct labour, at specified hourly rates, and the actual cost of materials and equipment usage.

Board of Directors

Find out who our board members are, their present assignments, and their holdings in Bufab Group.

Group Management

Details about our Group Management Team and links to their LinkedIn profiles.

Board Committees

The Bufab Board has two committees: the Audit Committee and the Remuneration Committee.


Learn more about who our current auditor is and who's the auditor in charge.


Details about remuneration to the board of directors, CEO, the members of the management team, and the incentive programs.

Internal control

Learn more about our internal control systems and monitoring functions.

Articles of Association

The Articles of association for Bufab AB (publ), as adopted by the AGM on April 20, 2021.


Corporate Governance Report 2022

The purpose of Bufab’s corporate governance is to create a clear delegation of roles and responsibilities between owners, the Board, the Board’s Committees, and senior management. Corporate governance at Bufab is based on applicable legislation, primarily the Swedish Companies Act, Nasdaq Stockholm’s rules and regulations, the Code, and internal guidelines and rules. Below you will find Bufab’s latest Corporate Governance Reports as well as earlier reports from 2013 onwards.